Tick box bus stamp

A-dro dhe'n ragdres About the project

The Tick Box Bus Project: Ticky's Tavern, the home of the Cornish Embassy.

What does Cornishness mean to you?’ In 2014 the HM government recognised the Cornish as a ‘national minority’. What zackly does that mean? There is quite some debate about whether we should have a Cornish tick box on the next census. So…we’ve nabbed a double decker bus, kitted her out with a beer-tasting pub downstairs and a Cornish embassy upstairs, and we’re rockin’ up to a location near you to find out what YOU think.

We hope that Ticky's Tavern and The Cornish Embassy opens up the idea of what it means to be Cornish to more and more people. Our intention is create a space for debate and to encourage us all to think about the elements of our identity such as culture, language and heritage in an entertaining way. We want to demonstrate the distinctiveness of Cornish people and the unique ways in which we celebrate life and the things that matter. Thank you for being a part of it all.

This public engagement project is a Golden Tree Production, the team behind the Man Engine, Britain's largest ever mechanical puppet. Golden Tree Productions is a community interest company. We develop and deliver constructive cultural projects that uncover and celebrate Cornwall's distinctiveness and diversity. This project was commissioned by Konsel Kernow / Cornwall Council and the Framework Convention of the Protection of National Minorities.

Together, they are lobbying for a Cornish Tick Box in the next census in 2021.